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Another OC meme


Your OC's full name: Rosemary Jean Walker

What does their name mean?: Rosemary is a plant, Jean means God's grace, Walker is someone who walks?

Do they have a nick-name?: Not really a nickname, but like all fighters she only goes by her assigned name thing which is Storm. And she's secretly called Stormypants.

Did they give themselves that nick-name or did friends/other give it to them?: Storm was assigned to her, Stormypants is because my friends like giving nicknames to my characters.

Does their nick-name have a meaning or significance?: Storms are…stormy? It's supposed to be intimidating. That's pretty much it. The second one means nothing.

Are they Male or Female?: Female

What species/race are they? (Human, vampire, fairy, angel etc.): Human, technically genetic fighter

How old is s/he physically (e.g a vampire may look 20 but they may really be 4000 or something)?: 24

But really how old are they really?: Still 24

Are they immortal?: A fighter wouldn't dream of being immortal.

Or do they just live longer than a normal human/creature?: Nope.

When is their birthday?: December 23

What year were they born?: 2153

So that would mean their starsign is...?: Capricorn

And even though you probably don't care...their birthstone?: Ruby

What is their blood type? : Uhhh, AB+? Let's go with that.

Their nationality: American

Their ethnicity: Caucasian

Where does your character currently live?: Right now Stormypants is dead. Before she died she lived on a station/ship without a name and briefly had a bunk in the fighter barracks.

What is their place in society? (e.g poor, rich, middle class, royalty etc): She's a fighter. I'm sucky at making economic systems, so she doesn't really have an economic class.

When is your story set? 2177

Do they have any other medical conditions?: She's an amputee, missing most of her right leg. No allergies or illnesses.


What hair color do they have?: Dark brown

What style do they have it in most of the time? (in a ponytail, pigtails, spiked up etc): Cut short in combat style

How long is their hair when down?: In the front it's just long enough to not get in her eyes and steadily grows longer since Rebeka doesn't trust her around sharp objects

What color eyes do they have?: Gray eyes

What about their mouth do they have full lips, thin lips, a crooked smile?: Sort of thin lips

What kind of teeth do they have? (fangs, missing teeth, a gold tooth): Normal teeth.

What kind of nose do they have? (straight, crooked, covered in warts): Normal nose.

Do they have a particular face shape? (heart shaped, wide jaw…): It's kind of sort of heart-shaped? It's angular, at least. I've given my notes on her appearance to someone and haven't gotten them back so I don't actually remember!

How tall are they?: Five foot eight

What do they weigh?: I don't know, but she's definitely not anywhere near overweight and is mostly muscle

Are they overweight underweight or their ideal weight?: Ideal

Is there anything noticeable about their posture a slouch or standing up very straight?: She has very good posture and is visibly ready to leap into combat even after she gets hurt when she's standing up. When she's confined to her bed in med ward most of the times he doesn't even bother sitting up and when she does her posture is terrible

Do they have any birth marks?: Nope

Do they have any tattoos?: Two, the fighter insignia and her squad insignia

If so where?: One is on her right shoulder blade and the other is on the left

Do they have any scars?: Oh yeah

If so where?: Everywhere, pretty much. Face, arms, a few on her stomach and back and one or two on her legs.

How did they get it/them?: Fights.

Do they have any distinguishing features? (missing/extra limbs tails or whiskers included): Other than the scars, she's an amputee missing most of her right leg. Her prosthetic is metallic with bright pink wiring much to her chagrin

Do they have any particular style? (Goth, emo, jock….): She dresses fighter

What do they like to wear?: Tank tops and pants that she can move in. She doesn't believe in armor

Do they wear jewellery?: Nope

Do they have any disabilities?: Amputee, missing most of right leg

Was it caused by an accident or were they born with it?: Kind of an accident? She kind of got hit by a very corrosive acid in her leg and it had to be amputated

Are they left or right handed?: Right handed


Are they religious?: To an extent

Is your character superstitious?: When it comes to how she dies, yes.

If so what religion do they belong to?: She doesn't really belong to a religion. It's more of just a shared fighter…thing.

Do they have any political beliefs?: Politics as we know them no longer exist, but she's fairly liberal.

Do they belong to an organisation or cult?: She's technically a former member of green squad once she got shot and then she became part of strategy which is another organization.

Are they the founder of the organisation or cult?: Stormypants doesn't have the organizational skills for this

What are your character's views on sex and relationships? (do they think it's okay to sleep around or would they rather marry before losing their virginity that kind of thing.): Stormypants doesn't think about that sort of thing and has only been with someone as in sex with one person and he was a fighter and they had similar views

Is this unusual for their time? (If they're in a time and place where sex outside of marriage is suicide but they do it anyway): Not really

Does your character have any views on life after death?: If you die in combat then you go to a hell-like place but you get to curse at everyone and get drunk so that's okay. If you don't, then you go to heaven which is boring.

Has your character ever murdered someone?: Multiple people

If so was it in self defence?: It was in a fight. I guess that counts as self defense, but she's pretty willing to kill even if it's not

Or revenge?: Revenge counts, too.

Was it a one off, or do they kill a lot? (whether they're an assassin or not.): She does end up killing a lot of people. Sometimes they're not technically people (like the slave-race that no one cares about) but most of the time she's ordered to kill people

Do they agree with murder in general?: Yep.

Are they violent?: Oh yeah

Is there a reason for this such as a personality disorder?: It's genetic and kind of brainwashed/I need to figure this out

Or do they just have a short temper?: And there's also that

Does your character agree with stealing?:

What is your character's outlook on life, are the optimistic pessimistic or other?:

Is your character vain?: Not really

Is your character outgoing, shy, or somewhere in between?: She's sort of in between. I don't think anyone in their right mind would call Stormypants shy but she doesn't talk about herself easily

Does your character have any secrets?: Oh yeah.

Has your character ever been depressed?: Not really.

Has your character ever self harmed or tried to commit suicide?: Cut? No. Suicide? Yes. That's kind of sort of how she died.

Does your character believe in monogamy or polygamy?: She doesn't really care. Stormypants does think that monogamy is less likely to get you shot by someone, but she hasn't had that much experience with relationships.

What are your characters views on homosexuality?: She's okay with it. She doesn't practice it but she's okay with it.

Is this unusual for their time? (If they live in a time and place where homosexuality is frowned upon yet they are homosexual themselves.): No

Is your character rebellious?: She's rebellious against rules not set by fighters.

Does your character believe in destiny, or do they believe they control their own fate?: She thinks that she can control her own destiny.

How does your character react/cope with rejection?: "Where's my gun?"

Does your character have a certain catchphrase or motto?: "You said to miss vital organs!" It's more of a motto, really, but It's one of my favorite lines from her

What kind of sense of humour do they have?: Very dry and sarcastic.

Is your character always honest or a liar?: Storm has the very bad habit of telling the truth. She does lie sometimes.

Are they trusting or suspicious?: Suspicious and paranoid, yeah.

Can your character be trusted or are they themselves deceitful?: Don't trust fighters. Just don't. She doesn't deceive people, but she does tend to sneak into people's rooms at night and shoot them.


What's their sexuality?: Fighters don't really worry about sex at all, but she's pretty much straight. I think that if there was a girl then there could be an "if it's you it's okay" situation but there isn't.

Do other characters agree with this?: No one (except Erik) actually cares so they can't agree nor disagree.

Do they have a lover?: Sort of? Green squad leader was her lover for a bit and Nathaniel was kind of her lover as well and Erik, well….Erik wishes that he was Storm's lover. Or at least had a definite answer that he wasn't.

Are they or have they been married?: Storm? Marry?...It could've happened but it didn't because that would've been a really bad choice on my part.

How old was your character when they had their first crush?: Fighters aren't sure on emotions. Nathaniel was probably her first kind of sort of "I might have feelings for you but I'm not sure" person and she would've been around fourteen then

Did it end well?: God, no.

How older was your character when they had their first boyfriend/girlfriend?: Probably around seventeen when she got together with green squad leader.

How old was your character when they had their first kiss?: Fifteen with Nathaniel.

Has your character lost their virginity?: Yep!

If so at what age: Eighteen/nineteen? Somewhere around there.

Did they willingly lose their virginity?: Yep! Post-battle "stuff" I'm totally not stealing this from Buffy.

Other relationships

What are your character's biological parents' names?: Candice Walker, Vance Walker

Are your character's parents still alive or are they dead?: Still alive (this was a triumph *shot dead*)

What do they do for a living, or what did they do?: Her mom is a botanist and her dad is a spare who specialized in programming and somehow managed to have a social life

Does/did your character get along with their parents?: She doesn't really remember them.

Are your character's parents still together?: Yep

Does your character have any siblings?: Yep

How many and what gender?: One, male

Are they still alive?: Yep

Does/did your character get along with their siblings?: Storm knew her younger brother for about two years when she was three. She doesn't remember him at all.

Does your character have any children?: God, no.

Does your character have any friends?: Storm has allies, enemies, and family and most people are all three at once.  Erik considers himself to be her friend.

Do they have a best friend?: I suppose Erik would be her best friend. He's kind of her only friend and she won't even admit that they're friends.

At first sight what do most other characters think of your character?: "Fighter. Scary fighter….Injured fighter? What?"

After getting to know them is your character what they first seem?: Pretty much. She doesn't really let people get to know her and she's a fighter all the way through.

Is your character 'popular'?: Not really.

Or is your character 'unpopular'?: Same goes for this.

Does your character dwell on and live up to this label of popular/unpopular?: She doesn't care

Is your character bullied or looked down upon by another character/certain group of characters?: Clarissa and some of the other strategists.

How does your character react to this person/group?: She reacted to Clarissa by sneaking into her room at night and shooting her and then getting her locked up. With the rest of them she just proves that fighters can strategize.

How does your character feel about people in general? (before getting to know someone do they automatically think people are evil): She sees everyone as a potential enemy and opponent in combat

Is your character right to feel this way? (they believe someone is evil and it turns out they were right.): Not at all

¬Is anyone protective of your character?: No one in their right mind would be protective of a fighter, but Erik is a bit

If so why?: Because Erik has a little more than a bit of a crush on her and thinks that she doesn't know that much about the world and might need a bit of protecting from situations in which she would need to be a normal person

Is your character protective of anyone?: Nope


Do they have any non-magical talents or abilities?: She can fight. And strategize

Does your character have any 'normal' talents? (drawing writing running etc):

Does your character have any magical talents or skill in combat?: Magic? No. Genetic? Oh yeah. She can beat a good number of people in combat though about half of the fighters are better than her.

Does your character have any unusual abilities?: She can strategize and most fighters really can't plan


Where was your character born?: Chicago, Illinois

Has your character ever been abused sexually or otherwise?: Nope

If none of these, were there any events in your character's past that has changed or traumatised them?: Most of training changed her into the hardened fighter that she is today

Did your character look up to anyone when they were a child?: As a child she didn't really have anyone to look up to besides those who survived training

Do they still look up to that person now?: No.

Has your character ever lost someone close to them?: Yeah

Did they die, or did they just stop being friends/lover or have a fight?: Both, really. Since she's a fighter, some number of her allies/enemies/family have died and she lost Erik for a few weeks/days/I don't know yet

Does your character have any regrets?: She regrets not dying in combat earlier and she does regret shooting Erik though she would never admit it to him

Give us a back-story, it can be as short or long as you like-Her parents foolishly decided that they wanted a fighter and decided to get a doctor the next time Candice got pregnant. She got into training and did pretty well. Stormypants never made squad leader and has a love/hate relationship with green squad leader because of this because he made squad leader even though she could beat him in a fight. If she wasn't injured. She gets shipped off with a bunch of other fighters to the station/ship, gets shot by acid, gets her leg chopped off, becomes a part of strategy, and gets Erik to kill her. That's less of a back story and more of an everything story but whatever.

Likes and Dislikes

Does your character like/drink alcohol?: She does on occasion drink

What is your character's favourite drink?: A concoction that's been passed down from the previous generation of fighters to the next that's almost undrinkable but makes you drunk really fast.

What is your character's least favourite drink?: If it doesn't get you drunk within three rounds it's not good.

Favourite color?: Dark red

Least favourite color?: Anything bright.

Favourite book?: Read? Storm? Ha!

Least favourite book?: The strategy stuff that Clarissa made her read

Favourite band/singer/song/genre of music?: She likes some of the traditional stuff they listened to in training

Least favourite band/singer/song/genre of music?: Slightly Damp In The Pouring Rain

Favourite computer/board game?: Most of the training simulations were good in her opinion

Least favourite computer/board game?: Anything that doesn't involve full-body movement and a few of the "scenarios" that the strategists decided to push on her she hated

Your character's favourite place?: If she's in combat it's a good place

Their least favourite place?: Med ward

Does your character have any hobbies?: Planning

What are your character's strengths?: Fighting, planning, getting into people's rooms, not being read

What are your character's weaknesses?: Dealing with people, being diplomatic, reading other people, reading at all

Does your character have any fears?: Dying in any situation that doesn't involve combat

Does your character smoke or have they ever smoked?: Nope.

Does your character take drugs, or have they ever taken drugs?: Nope. Storm's not going to do anything that could impede her as a fighter.

Is your character addicted to anything?: Fighting

What makes your character happy?: Being in combat

What makes your character sad?: She doesn't exactly get sad, but not her being allowed to fight got close enough.

What makes your character angry?: Most things

Can your character cook?: God, no


Does your character sleep a lot?: Storm ends up sleeping a lot more than she'd like because of her med schedule but naturally she sleeps about six hours a night

Or are they an insomniac?: No. She falls asleep, sleeps for six hours, and gets up ready to fight

Do they stutter?: Nope

Do they have any nervous twitches?: She reaches for where her laser pistol should be when she's annoyed/feeling anything and standing up. Eventually she just kind of moves into a fighting stance.

Are they clumsy?: Nope

Is there anything they do characteristically? (Play with their necklace/ fiddle with their hair all the time etc): Not really. Most of her movements are very controlled.

Do they swear at all?: Oh yeah.

Do they swear a lot?: More than the average person.

Present and future

Does your character work either full time or part time?: Eventually she kind of gets a full time job

What is your character's job if they have one?: She works in strategy

Does your character enjoy their job?: Not as much as she liked fighting but it's the next best thing

Your views

Is your character different now than when your first created them?: Kind of sort of

If so in what way?: From the first page of my NaNoWriMo to the ending she begins to learn how to talk to people. And I think that by the time I hit the middle I actually figured out what she  was like so there was some amount of character flux between the beginning and that point.

Do you like your character?: As a character I like writing her because she's hilarious but she's a horrible person.

Do you think you would get along with your character if they were real?: No

Is your character based on a real person?: God, no.

Is your character based on another character, your own or otherwise?: Yeah. I had an Over The Edge character whose name was Wren that was kind of a berserker and based loosely off of River Tam and Wren later became Wynne who later became a series of other characters which steadily lost and gained personality traits and eventually I got Storm

What would your character's soundtrack be and why?(list as many songs as you like =)): Reavers Chase Serenity because it's a very…fighter. It's methodical and kind of scary and awesome and it's also kind of mechanical which fits with the whole them being genetically engineered thing. Requiem for a Dream (which I know isn't the actual name but it's what I'm calling it) also works because it's again an in your face combat thing. I continuously write combat scenes that work to that piece. Self Esteem Fund because I think that when she just kind of goes blank that's what she's like.
This took forever to write out and I still don't think I answered everything well. I don't blame you if you read this all the way through. This is mostly for my reference and because I needed some sort of creative writing thing for today.

Blank is here: [link]
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KT-Nya Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2010

Wren and Wynne are wicked names. (Wynne mainly because she's a senior enchanter mage in Dragon Age)

... Man I kind of want to do this now crap.

(I love how you called her Stormypants it made me happy)
wordsarerequired Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2010  Student Writer
(Getting reference love)

Both of them came out of nowhere. And Wren is a name stolen from another character of mine.

Doooo iiiiiit.

(I didn't call Erik Erik-Panda and that's kind of sad.)

...And I'm still waiting for critique and I'm freaking out because that's what I do. Yay!
KT-Nya Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2010
ASDFS I'm gonna do it.

(He forgives you I think, especially since you didn't end up calling him Erika)

Oh Emily, I'm lousy at giving critique anywho.

Have you let your parents give it a shot?
wordsarerequired Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2010  Student Writer
You're good at catching when I'm not writing Erik right. At least some critique would be nice because at least that way I know that it's not completely awful and you've stopped reading because it's completely awful which is what I'm thinking right now.

My mom gives me really harsh critique which I don't really want on a draft this early.
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